Enterprise Dr. ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH(aka Porsche AG), initially engaged by creation of knots and units for automobile companies, it has been based in 1931. Those years its founder Ferdinand Porsche did not reflect yet on mass production of own car. But began to do successfully it for others. Prior to the beginning of the Second World War it worked over many foreign orders, creating, for example, such legend, as KdF-Wagen (or, better to say, “Bug” — legendary car, laid down in a basis of the company of Volkswagen). Very successful workings out of Porsche concerns also so-called Type 22 — the racing car created by request of company Auto Union AG. All operating time of that time also laid down, further, in a basis of legendary cars of Porsche.

In the same years, by request of the Nazi government racing car Type 64 (also known as Volkswagen Aerocoupe), specially for race Berlin — Rome, spent in 1939 has been created. In total it has been created three Type 64 from which one escaped only — the first was lost at the very beginning of war, and the second the American soldiers who have been made dizzy by a victory and searching entertainments “wore out”. The escaped copy had time even to participate in post-war races, and is successful. Now it is in a private collection so in a company museum in Stuttgart there is only recreated copy of a body. At creation Type 64 designer actively used the same decisions, as in “Bug” — appearance and that is recognized. All it gives the grounds to consider that Type 64 became the first prototype for the future Porsche cars.
Today Germans are well known among fast car enthusiasts for the quality and history of making really excellent and sporty automobiles.

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