Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport set up a new record of speed for serial cars: 431 km/h! All officially, all by rules: in the presence of representatives of German technical inspection TUV and the Guinness Book of Records factory pilot Pierre Anri Rafanel executed arrivals on proving ground of Ayr-Lessin. Arrivals were spent in two parties, GPS showed 427, 933 km/h at dispersal in one party and 434, 211 km/h in another. Final the result considers an average arithmetic: 431 km/h. Engineers of Bugatti admitted that are very happy with such deal as counted on km/h figure 425.Bugatti again in leaders on speed! The limited model, Veyron Super Sports (SS) established a new record of speed for serial super cars. Engine power is increased to 1200 horsies. Aerodynamics of a roof of the car that allowed to reach the best body design for the speed. Dispersal of 0-200 km/h = 6,7 seconds of 0-300 km/h = 14,6 seconds of 0-400 km/h = 50,6 seconds. Max speed: 429.6 km/h (267 mph)


In the autumn 2007 American ultra-super-sports SSC Ultimate Aero TT hoisted a lath of a record of speed (for passenger cars) to mad 411,76 km/h. The record is confirmed officially FIA, and it seemed that pass many years before someone manages to surpass high achievement. It seemed, but the new record on July, 4th is established: on the average on two arrivals (in opposite directions) 431 + km/h! The fantasy … And sensation the more loudly that new achievement belongs to Bugatti: tremendous speed developed modernized Veyron 16.4 Super Sport. German ultra-super-sports at last justified old hopes; at Bugatti and Volkswagens accept congratulations. The second attempt. Yes, and 4 years after unsuccessful attempt of Bugatti/VW to attempt upon a record which held then Koenigsegg CCR. It is remembered, on October, 29th 2006 – after powerful PR-campaign – specially prepared Veyron deduced on WV proving ground in Wolfsburg. Arrival and … a regional ohm. Apparently, Veyron then and close did not approach to in advance declared speed in 407 km/h; business thin. In the subsequent press releases failure explained unimportant weather (the end of October), and auto observers soon forgot about annoying incident. The year, the second, the third – any attempts … And those who else remembered about October афронт, decided that at «the national car» definitively refused ambitious claims for a record. Anything similar: year after year Veyron it was improved and lead up – counting on solving success. The blessing, Volkswagen AG resources allowed.


And here to public it is presented Veyron 16.4 Super Sport: as a matter of fact new model under a former name. It is enough to tell that a body ultra-super-sports now entirely from carbon: exclusively rigid and easy design. Monstrous 16-cylinder to 1200 h.p. of the maximum capacity – at the expense of pressure 4 turbo compressors. And aerodynamics finished (not the strongest place at former Veyron). So to arrivals on record Super Sport it is ready – and weather of the beginning of July to dancers does not disturb. Ultra-super-sports undertook a wheel firm test pilot Pierre-Henri Raphanel: the car is promptly dispersed before measured kilometre. Also that is characteristic, distance Veyron passes in both directions – there and back. As it is necessary on norms FIA (and to rules of the book of world records Guinness). And arrivals are spent under control of independent observers, and time (and speed) on a distance is registered certificated FIA equipment. Here so establish records – not bla-bla. At all the same that someone saw, how super-sports ostensibly … And so far as concerns speeds for 4 “hundreds” business becomes aggravated excessively. We admit, you prepared the device capable really to go on 320 + km/h. Then can safely declare that its maximum speed – all of 410 km/h (though between 320 and 410 – a precipice). After all a mode to check up does not exist; not on a speedometer? Therefore statements of firm press releases that the maximum speed of Veyron – 407 km/h, before recent time did not cost that paper on which were printed. Empty. That is, nobody says that Bugatti/VW gave, delicately being expressed, inexact data. But also seriously the competent observer and the motorist do not accept similar messages. So, usual advertising courses – until … Till July, 4th of this year. Super Sport. Max speed: 429.6 km/h (267 mph).


By the way, in arrival in wind direction ultra-super-sports showed on a measured distance and at all 434 km/h! The airplane … Though goes to offset, certainly, average speed on two attempts. And after all in general all the same Veyron: the natural monster. However, which-what differences from the first version are appreciable approximately: air intakes of cross-section NACA (a food and engine cooling) are transferred on a roof. And the invoice of a body other – not only by sight, but also to the touch. Thanks to wide application carbon the massive car became easier: the equipped weight Super Sport – any 1840 kg. Dispersal from a place to 100 km/h of improvement did not affect in any way: the same 2,5 seconds Unless are weak? And here 2 “hundreds” updated Veyron types even faster – for 7,3 seconds and to 300 km/h it is accelerated ostensibly for 15 seconds exactly. You arranges? But a bargaining chip – unprecedented maximum. And already nobody doubts real possibilities of the holder of a new record. It is proved: Volkswagen uber alles. Also what – someone tries to hoist a lath still above? For 440 km/h? Uniform madness … By the way, electronics limits the maximum speed updated ultra-super-sports: maximum speed is lowered to 415 km/h, for safety reasons.