Lamborghini Veneno

Let’s have a deeper look at this beauty. But before that keep in mind that this is a limited production supercar based on the Lamborghini Aventador and was built to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. And only 3 copies of these were made in 3 different colors – white,red and a green one as it represents the Italian flag and of course all of them were sold. The first time it was presented to public in 2013 Geneva Motor Show.




Tone in which the given working out of the company is made, something is similar to other model, Aventador. Truth unlike less eminent brother, Veneno has completely made of carbon plastic body, with set of air intakes. It does the original futuristic concept car which takes a worthy place among all other cars of the future of a vehicle.
It is possible to carry to highlights of design of the car safely a coloring executed, as if in national tones of the native land of a masterpiece – Italy. Namely, all three models of a prospective series will have grey metal color, with obligatory strips of red, white and green colors. From the company it is possible to name one more distinctive feature of the given working out presence of enough original form of flashlights, both front, and rear the kinds made in the form of the form Y.


No less than in appearance, and in an interior of the car tone to the full sets carbon-plastic. In interior with its help everything is made practically, even a surface of armchairs. Thus it is necessary to note, the unique material has been specially developed for armchairs, under name CarbonSkin. Has such decision under itself flexible enough and qualitative material carbon which is harmoniously entered in an interior of any interior and, according to designers, becomes the original card of a car.

Technical Characteristics

Concerning engine Veneno, the company decided to depart from decisions of creation of hybrids traditional recently and still to try to establish the classical petrol unit. The volume of engine L539 of the given working out makes 6,5 liters of that it is quite enough for development of 750 horsepower’s. Capacity is provided also with in addition spent optimizing works connected with an exhaust system and improved by aerodynamic characteristics.

Top speed: 355 km/h, 221 mph
Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): 2.9 seconds
Engine: 750 HP

However, it is the unique changes, concerned the base engine taken with Aventador. However, it is possible to notice that acceleration with 0 to 100 km/h also decreased for 0,1 seconds that became possible thanks to considerable drop of gross weight of a design. The parity of weight of a vehicle to its capacity which matters an order of 1,93 kilos on horsepower is distinctive also.


In a design essentially new and perfect gear box is introduced. It has the whole 7 steps and is completely automatic that allows to steer easily a vehicle on road and to feel comfortable at switching of speeds. It is possible to name distinctive feature of a box of drive use of one electrohydraulic clutch in the design that its switching by smoother, rather than a base gear box of car model Aventador does.


Besides pleasantly the independent suspension surprises also. Executed specially on technology of race cars, she allows to receive a maximum of comfort and smoothness at movement on a line. And it with a condition of obligatory control of the driver over a vehicle which allows to avoid failure on road. Also watch the video from the show where you can have a deeper look how the car looks like and hear the sound.