There is no saying, there would be today a mark of these legendary sports cars, be at Enzo Ferrari a little more sociable character. Before to begin the story about Lamborghini, it is necessary to tell at first some facts from the biography of the founder of the company. In days of the Second World War of Ferruccio Lamborghini served in the Italian army. It was that is called, the mechanic from God so without business to it it was not necessary to sit. As it is known, initially concerning the Shaft countries, Italy subsequently, with falling of a mode of Mussolini, ceased to be the ally of Germany. So Ferruccio began to be at war on the party of allies, serving military technology of Englishmen (basically Englishmen). So it received knowledge concerning the device not only Italian, but also foreign gears. These skills fine were useful to it subsequently. When war ended, Lamborghini came back home with firm intention to open the business. Leaving Italy Englishmen sold surpluses not the technicians necessary to them now — to return it to Great Britain was business too crowded. The enterprising young Italian used it. So there was a small company on manufacture of tractors. In ruined by war, but gradually reviving country this technics has been rather claimed. The first model of a tractor appeared very simple on a design and reliable, as defined its success. It allowed the young company to rise quickly on feet. Already after the lapse of ten years Lamborghini grew rich. So that could afford expensive sports car, making a choice in favor of Ferrari. However, the sports car disappointed the talented mechanic. So that one fine day Lamborghini went to company office, with intention to tell personally to Enzo Ferrari the reflexions how that could improve the cars. However, as a result it faced banal rudeness and caustic phrases about that the manufacturer of tractors should not climb in manufacture of sport cars. Lamborghini has been enraged. Then he also decided to create own model of a sports car. And it is not simple for itself personally, but such that Ferrari challenge, both on a line, and in the market can throw down. So to say, revenge in Italian.

Lamborghini Zagato Concept

The idea of creation of Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato Concept arose in 2014. As the reason for it served 95 year anniversary of known tuning studio Carozzeria Zagato. In life the idea was realized by employees of Lamborghini and Zagato working… (READ MORE)

Lamborghini Veneno

Let’s have a deeper look at this beauty. But before that keep in mind that this is a limited production supercar based on the Lamborghini Aventador and was built to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. And only 3 copies of these… (READ MORE)

Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini Diablo – legendary model of Italian a luxury sports automobile manufacturer which came in the stead obsolete Lamborghini Countach. At the heart of design of model Diablo – characteristic directions of the ninetieth years lie, but in comparison with… (READ MORE)

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

This car millions people on all planet and here waited, at last, on a showroom in Geneva has been presented new Lamborghini Aventador. One of the most powerful on the earth of engines V12 at work liberates 700 horsepower’s. As… (READ MORE)