Audi TT MTM Bimoto

Greetings dear motorists and regular readers of our website. Despite that the reviews of top automobiles who are not so much for a street use, this is much more interesting, in this article I will tell to you about such remarkable car, as Audi TT MTM Bimoto. In this car it is assembled such two qualities, as sports impellent parameters and abrupt appearance which simply bewitches. And by tradition at first I will start to describe a body and air dynamics of the car. In front of the car, as well as at all cars of mark of Audi, smooth also it is a little raised upwards, however on a cowl there are no obstacles for air. It gives all to the car good air dynamic parameters.

2007 Audi TT MTM Bimoto

The car high enough and narrow, and because of it stability on road is lost. Well and now let’s discuss impellent characteristics of the car which allocate it. So we begin. The engine, with capacity of 840 horsepower’s, is capable to disperse the car till speed of 393 kilometers per hour which is maximum speed at this time. I want to notice that capacity at this car small enough. We go further. To reach 100 kilometers per hour speed the car is quick enough too, only 3.1 seconds are needed. Volume of the engine of this car of small, 3600 cubic centimeters. It, probably, the worst indicator. The car decently, 1400 kg’s weighs. If not such weight this unit would be dispersed much faster.

Well and now hour came to sum up to that I wrote about this car. And it is that: the car quite good if to consider that it was made in 2007, and the then this car was miracle. If you decide to buy this steel monster you will be confused a little with its price which is equal 820000$.

Here is the video of this car from YouTube: