Audi RS8

The car Audi RS8 is, as a matter of fact, the improved and charged version of the previous models of the German company known all over the world. Capacity of this car makes 572 HP and is provided with the modified engine in capacity of 5,2 liters. As basis by its working out the engine used in Audi RS6 served. Impressiveness of this engine so is great that during working out there were certain difficulties with creation effective cooling system which capacities would be enough for maintenance of its normal work.


As to speed the maximum indicator for the given model are 320 km/h, but in reality this car can reach 280 km/h on the road. For acceleration to 100 km/h it is required to this car less than four seconds, and for 160 — in eight and a half seconds. These figures amaze. Besides, such indicators do this model by the most dynamical and fastest version Audi R8. Separate attention deserves external and an interior of this miracle. The interior bewitches elegance and a surprising combination of simplicity and luxury. For its furnish the most qualitative materials among which the important place is taken away to aluminum details and, certainly, a skin are used. Also it is necessary to pay attention to a sports wheel which does driving as much as possible easy and pleasant. Directly on it some keys thanks to which steering becomes even more convenient. All systems are designed to make this car a pleasure to drive and to reach full potential on the road if you want to feel the speed and power, and of course comfort.

Appearance of the given model is quite comparable to internal luxury and functionality. It impresses all without an exception and does not suffer doubts in surprising technical possibilities of this car. The elegant sports silhouette leaves nobody indifferent, is transparent hinting at surprising possibilities which open before the driver of such car.


As a whole Audi RS8 possesses all the necessary things to win heart of fans of expensive sports cars and to catch on it delighted looks of people on the streets. It arrests a sight the most elegant forms and causes sincere respect the technical characteristics.

Audi RS8 Technical Specifications

0-60 time: 3.8 seconds.
Top Speed: 174 mph (280 km/h)
Engine: 4.0 Liters

And for conclusion I would like to add that this Audi is a very close to an R8, but is more powerful as RS means “Racing Sport”. These cars are created by AUDI AGs high performance private subsidiary and mark their versions with an RS initials.