SSC Ultimate Aero

Occurrence on a world car market of the car of Bugatti Veyron which are accelerating to 407 km/h long did not give resting time to firm management SSC (Shelby Super Cars). It is necessary to give to them due, with the answer they not so tightened. In 2006 this firm brought into the world the race car having capacity of 1046 l. With. And speed limit of 440 km/h. This fastest car in the world – SSC Ultimate Aero is called but experts argue that Bugatti is the main competitor and they still trying to decide who is the number one in the world. The first place belongs to the American car made by company Shelby SuperCars. Model SSC Ultimate Aero was dispersed in September 2008 to 412,28 kilometers per hour (km/h)! Whether many heard about this firm or this model? While a series from such 25 cars is planned. And here in technical characteristics speed of 438 km/h is written. The previous record of the same mark has been fixed so: on a free line the car was dispersed to 413,83 km/hour. On the way back only 409,71 km/h. Therefore for a record average value of two attempts — 411,76 km/h is accepted. This monster has capacity of 1287 horse powers (l. With.) Car speedup to measure much more difficult, than speed and to these figures it is necessary to trust less at all manufacturers (for how many seconds speeds of 100 or 200 km/h will be reached, for example,). Shelby SuperCars and on speedup results record figures. 60 miles at an o’clock are reached for 2,78 seconds, 100 km/h will be reached for 2,88 seconds. There is such car more than one million dollars, but the price contractual in each specific case.

Technically it not too far left from the predecessor Aero SC/8T. Short of the engine – the car did not change almost. The spatial frame assembled from steel tubes, carbon body, titanic elements of a design.


Technical characteristics SSC Ultimate Aero

The engine – aluminium V8 LS2 taken from Corvette C6, but with the volume increased to 6,3 l and a supercharger with pressure 1,4 bars. The maximum indications of a twisting moment of the engine reach 1113 Nanometers. Such indicators achieved thanks to the increased diameter of cylinders and shorter course of buckets. To fill it is necessary only the gasoline having octane number 104 which use exclusively in racing cars, motorcycles and motor boats.

If at race car equipment used a six-step mechanical gear box, till the speed of 100 km/hour it can be dispersed for 2,4 seconds Practically as car Formuly-1. So not without reason in 2005, by a recognition of magazine “Forbes” car SSC Ultimate Aero has been named by the fastest car by produced in lots. Steer such “rocket” everyone can far not. However, the simple any passer-by hardly can buy it. And matter is not in the price ($654 500). Ultimate Aero it is rather exclusive. It is made their only 20-25 pieces.

However, there is already new, more charged version of a race car – SSC Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo. The buyer such a hyper car receives 6,3 liter 8 cylinder engine capacity of 1183 l. With. It refuels usual 92nd gasoline and at 6875 rpm and is dispersed to 439 km/h. As comparison it is possible to result the well-known jet plane “Concorde”. During launch it is dispersed to 360 km/h. In the beginning of 2008 SSC Ultimate Aero TT received the new engine capacity of 1287 horsies. And now designers declare that the maximum speed of the car makes 460 km/h. Probably, shortly, we see a new record of speed.