The one who saw once car Pagani, any more does not forget it never. This of super penalties, besides, that is one of the most high-speed and expensive in the world, possesses surprising and original “appearance”. And even reminds a fantastic nice ant the front mirrors with astonishment hoisted upwards.

“Father” of an automobile brand — Horatio Pagani — the son of the baker from Italy, Santa Fe which have moved in the Argentina resort city. By 17 years of Horatio as the born designer created the firm on designing of sports cars which became enough popular. But absolutely the young engineer dreamt of other. He wanted to create with own hand the best super cars in the world.
In 1983 Horatio moved to Modena where there were many enterprises of Italian manufacturers Gran Turismo. In the beginning Pagani worked the mechanic at Lamborghini factory, and after participated in quality of the designer in creation LM002 and Coutach Evoluzione. In 1991 the talented engineer began own business — company Modena Design. Work with very fashionable at that time a material — carbon — composite became one of firm lines of activity. The set of orders and the big fees shortly bore fruit — Horatio Pagani grew rich so that presumed to be engaged to itself in realization of the old dream — creation a super penalty. Friend Horatio, the legendary pilot of the Formula 1 Juan Manuel Fanhio, in exchange for the consent to name a new car insisted on that the motor at the future race car was from Mercedes-Benz.

Pagani Zonda F

Pagani Zonda F — one of the fastest serial cars which have passed on northern loop of a Nurburgring. The new version Zonda R created especially for tracks-days, even faster: it is more powerful, easier, and the suspender and aerodynamics… (READ MORE)