Land Rover

Land Rover, branch of English company Rover Group, bought in 1994 German concern of BMW. Makes cars of cross-country type of the well-known mark of Land Rover. The Headquarters is in Solihall near Birmingham. After the Second World War compartment of English company Rover (Land Rover Group “Rover” became the first firm which started to take positions in the growing market off-road cars.
The first Land Rover appeared in post-war Britain in 1948г., at the time of serious deficiency of a steel. It was ingeniously simple, inventively made “the working horsy” from aluminum. Brothers, Spencer and Maurice Wilks, working on British company Rover, created the new symbol combining pragmatic simplicity and rough reliability. The car was accompanied by instant success therefore to the midpoint of the fiftieth years of the last century Land Rover mark already began to associate accurately with concept of firmness, durability and phenomenal off-road qualities. Military men and workers of agriculture, and also workers of saving and regenerative services found in Land Rover just those qualities which it and were required. To 1959. From factory lines in Solihull, West Midlands descended already 250 000th Land Rovers, and the base to the future domination in the market has been completely put. Well-known Defender, Land Rover model, conceived as multiple-purpose reliable the post-war period, here is issued 50 years practically without change and its shape reminds all the same post-war sample. The model still is considered the best all-wheel drive off-road car. In 1960th years demand on all-wheel drive essentially grew, and Land Rover company appeared in avant-guard of a new developing segment of the market. In attempt to find the best decision of the arisen problem engineers Rover sat down for working out of a vehicle which would combine comfort and road performance family with off-road possibilities of Land Rover.

Result of their work became Range Rover, started in manufacture in 1970г. And instantly caused general rough admiration. The well-known design of this model reached unique level of recognition, being is exposed in Louvre й to gallery of Paris. However advantages essentially were beyond comfort and attractive appearance, keeping thus unique qualities of driving on impassability. Within 1970 and 80th years evolution of Land Rover and Range Rover proceeded, and the recognition Land Rover grew thanks to such events, as the rally Paris-Dakar which has shown outstanding firmness of mark.

Two more models enter into Land Rover lineup. Discovery for the first time has been shown on a showroom in Frankfurt in 1989, marking itself creation of a new niche – family 4×4. In 1997, It followed Freelander – more compact car, guided by application in the field of sports and rest and grasped leadership in Europe on sales volume in a class 4×4. In 1994 concern of BMW got English company Rover Group, and together with it and its branch of Land Rover which always specialized on off-road cars. Now the prestige of compartment is still very high. The well-known model Range Rover out of competition, is the conventional standard of the go-anywhere vehicle of a class “lux”. In 1994 it updated last time. It is offered with three kinds of the engine — V-shaped 8-cylinder a working volume of 4,0 or 4,6 liters capacity of 190 or 224 h.p., and also turbo diesel engine of BMW in volume of 2,5 liters and capacity of 136 h.p. For buyers of middle class compact Land Rover — Freelander is issued. This model has an independent suspension of all wheels and a cross-section arrangement of the engine. It has 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines a working volume of 1,8-2,0 liters. Continue to be issued without changes Discovery and Defender. Last, working horsy among all other models, the most practical and reliable though also not so comfortable, “versatile person” is offered with an aluminum body. In Great Britain Defender is on sale in three variants of base — 90, 110 and 130. On them 2,5 and 4,0 liters are put turbo diesel engine and the petrol V-shaped 8-cylinder engine by a working volume accordingly.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

The second generation Range Rover Sport of 2014 modelling years is here! The British concern presented on the New York auto show. The second generation, no less than the first, has the same inclination of a rear screen (unlike usual… (READ MORE)