Jaguar – English automobile company specializing on release of luxury cars, a part of corporation “Ford Motor”.

The beginning the company conducts from based in 1925 two namesakes – Sir Lyons William and Sir William firms under name Swallow Sidecar (in abbreviated form SS), originally specializing on manufacture of carriages for motorcycles. Release of carriages did not bring financial prosperity and Bill Lyons was switched to working out of a body for car Austin Seven well-known at that time, and in 1927 received the order for manufacturing of 500 cars. The received means and reputation allowed the company to affirm in the market of design of bodies, doing them further for Fiat models 509A, Morris Cowley, Wolseley Hornet. Tried Lyons and to project own cars, feeding predilection for double sports models. Exposing in the summer 1931 at the London auto show two models SSI and SSII the company achieved serious success. They were followed by Jaguar SS90 and Jaguars SS100 brightly named so Lyons. Jaguar SS100 became classical sports model of 1940th years.
In 1945 company began to be called “Jaguar” as abbreviation SS caused undesirable associations with the criminal Nazi organization. The new success to the company came in 1948 at the same London auto show where all looks were involved with new Jaguar XK120. Completed with engine Heynes capacity of 105 h.p., this car easily accelerated momentum 126 km/h and has been recognized the fastest among serial cars.

Jaguar F-Type SVR Coupe 575 HP

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Jaguar XJ220

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