When we hear or say something about Ferrari, we usually mean something big, other than simply expensive cars. For many of us this brand – a legend created by one courageous person. On an extent more than fifty years of the car of mark of Ferrari leave far behind of all competitors. Created by legendary Italian man Enzo Ferrari still in the forties, they and cause to this day respect and delight. All began with dream of the little boy which the father took time and again with itself on auto competitions. Then Enzo also decided to connect the life with motor racing. At the age of twenty years right after the terminations of the First World War it is employed in autocompany CMN. Working there two years, it leaves and passes in then still the small and little-known company Alfa-Romeo which race cars are considered perspective enough and interesting. In post-war years motor industry of Italy developed very fast rates. And for Enzo Ferrari it became excellent chance to realize dream – to form own racing team. So, in 1929 in the city of Modena appears Scuderia Ferrari with which creation to the young Italian helped both its friends, and partners – Alfa-Romeo with which it and continued the cooperation. 1933. The car of command Scuderia Ferrari acts at number 26. Near to it – Bugatti T5 Scuderia in Italian “stable”, a logo young Ferrari means has been chosen corresponding – a horse on a yellow background. That is interesting, history of occurrence of this emblem uneasy enough. In due time the reared horse decorated a fighter of Francesco Baracca, the expert of the First World War who was heroically lost under Montello. In 1923 during one of the performances on a line of Enzo got acquainted with parents of the pilot – count Enrico Ferrari and his wife. They also suggested the young man to represent a horse on the racing car. «It brings good luck», – added then the countess. Also was not mistaken. Enzo Ferrari throughout all next years stored at it-self a photo of the young pilot transferred to it by a family of Baracca. It left the emblem entrusted to it without changes, adding only a gold background – color of the city of Madina.
During the thirties Scuderia Ferrari acted as representative Alfa-Romeo, but soon decided to adjust and own independent manufacture of a car. The begun Second World War suspended plans of Enzo Ferrari, and the company has been compelled to work on military orders. But right after end of war the Italian starts again realization of the plans.
So, in 1946 the world saw the first car created by it – Ferrari 125, different the 12-cylinder engine from aluminum and a representing combination of road and racing characteristics in one car. One year there is an improved version of the engine of Ferrari later, and also Ferrari company Auto Avio Costruzione, which purpose – release and sale of sports cars is created.
The cars created by Enzo Ferrari, win a victory behind a victory on the most various races. The brand all becomes more successful, and sales of cars continue to increase. In the mid-fifties starts to type popularity such racing competition as Formula-1. In 1952 and 1953 the well-known racer Alberto Askari on sport car Scuderia Ferrari wins a victory at this competition that does Ferrari brand by the most known and the desirably in the automobile world. To the midpoint of 50th years Ferrari company had been made already 250 racing cars and 200 road – for those to whom the combination of speed and convenience is important. Enzo Ferrari does not remain aside and from public work – he creates engineering schools, builds lines.
Approximately during the same time began to appear and competitors of the company – Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Porsche. They periodically bypassed known sport cars under these or those characteristics sometimes pulled out at them a victory during races. But leadership in most cases continued to remain for Ferrari. That is remarkable; Enzo Ferrari never resorted to advertising of the cars, creating a brand exclusively on quality. It is impossible to tell that the history of a brand of Ferrari has been never saddened. A car racing does not do without tragedies, and they sufficed with interest, both for the company, and for its founder. So, in 50 known racer Alberto Ascari thanks to which participation in the Formula 1 Scuderia Ferrari and got the world popularity perishes. Afterwards behind it the death overtook Dino Ferrari – son Enzo. Later on Ferrari 246 race cars 2 pilots whose began to measure not with smaller tragedy one after another broke.
Enzo Ferrari is considered and till today one of kings of motor industry. For years of its management of the company the Ferrari team won a victory in more than in 5 thousand races, winning 25 world cups. He died in 1988, celebrating the ninety-year anniversary. After death of the great Italian of Ferrari departed to corporation FIAT which at that point in time already owned 50 % of its actions.
And though the founder of the company more is not necessary at a wheel, Ferrari still remains to one of the most expensive automobile brands in the world. The Ferrari team and further wins victories. So, with 2000 for 2004 known racer Michael Schumacher throughout four years won the World championship on Ferrari car on end. More and more powerful and fast cars which do not leave indifferent anybody from motorists continue to be created. The special model of Ferrari Enzo presented in Paris in 2003 and recognized for that time of most powerful of all serial cars in Europe became one of examples to that. Named in honor of the great designer, it is an embodiment of all of the best that the company for more, than fifty years’ history of a legendary brand reached.

This name is a history and today we enjoy modern cars from this great company and they are still among the most wanted sports cars out there. Everybody knows what Ferrari means.

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