Aston Martin

Aston Martin – the legendary English company specializing on release of ultra expensive sports cars. Is division of concern of Ford Motor Company. The Headquarters is to Newport-Penell. Founders of mark of Aston Martin name Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford which in 1914 in the London area Kensington constructed an easy sports car with 1.4-litre engine Coventry-Simples on the chassis of Italian passenger Isotta Fraschini. For a year before on car “Singer-10” (Singer) Martin won a victory in local races on a hill Aston Clinton , and in memory of this event the new car named “Aston Martin”.
In the end of 1919 there was a second model “Aston Martin”, and its manufacture began only in January of 1920 in a new workshop on London Abington Road. Aston Martin cars constantly participated in races thanks to which the company typed sports and technical experience. In 1924 in race on Monza count Lui rendering to the company the huge financial help and the firm standing on the verge of bankruptcy broke engineer Renuik (W.S redeemed for 6 thousand pounds sterling. Renwick). The new 1,5-litre motor with the top cam shaft which Renuik and its partner Italian Augustu Chezare Bertelli developed was a basis for all subsequent cars “Aston Martins” till 1936.

In 90th years under the care of Ford Aston Martin economic situation improved. In 1993 to public has been presented new sports DB7. This model is one of the best cars of the company. Models Virage, Volante and Vantage with essentially processed engine V8 with 4 valves on the cylinder and volume superchargers that allowed to hoist its capacity to 557 h.p. are in the nineties still actual
The successful project of Aston Martin on a showroom in Detroit 1998 became new model DB7. The contribution to car creation brought millennia which has been named “Dream Choice” designer Ian Callum. DB7 exhaust in two variants which have become already by the standard for – Coupe and Volante. In 1999 on the Geneva showroom the new child of English designers — Vantage Aston Martin DB7 for the first time has been shown. It is one more dream-car from modelling series DB7. New DB7 Vantage has been executed also by Ian Callum.

In 2000 the owner of Aston Martin — the American motorcar giant of Ford officially presented model of Aston Martin V12 Vanquish which thanks to new, more powerful engine and use of easy materials the car possesses tremendous running characteristics. Vanquish as if and not the car at all, and any boutique on the Champs Elysée. It is not necessary and say that the car is literally stuffed by all possible electronics. All information is processed by the on-board computer (which, according to engineers, can carry out to 2 million commands a second), deduced on the display, and the most important is duplicated by a voice. It is supposed that annually English workers will assemble about 300 cars, everyone in manual and under the individual order so identical will not be.

In 2001 the company informed on release of the four thousandth car of model of Aston Martin DB7. To them became coupe Vantage, painted in grey-green color Galloway Green. Sales volumes of model DB7 became a new record of the company and exceed total sales volumes of the previous generations of this model — DB4, DB5 and DB6. It is necessary to notice that elite “Aston Martins” prepare till now in four small sheds nearby to small town Newport-Pegnel in the central part of England. This factory and did not learn that such the conveyor or division of labour on Ford. At other factory where do Aston Martin BD, under a cowl of each car the special brand is put: a name of the collector, or, better to say, the author.

Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin is an elite. But the car carrying name One-77 is an elite from elite. Not only the company of Aston Martin did not create for all history anything heaped more up — perhaps, and all over the world… (READ MORE)